o christmas tree

We did something this year I never thought we would do. We bought an artificial Christmas tree. The way I see it you are either a fake tree person or a real tree person, and Derick and I are both firmly in the "real tree" camp. But since we've moved into our current home every single one of our live trees has died by Christmas day. One year our tree was so dead that we took it down on Christmas Eve and put up a new one.

I think it has something to do with the fact that our Christmas tree goes in the warmest spot in our whole house. And we like to put it up at least three weeks before the big day. And it may not get as much water as it needs. 

So we are now a two-tree household. Our new artificial tree will go up the day after Thanksgiving. And we can wait to get a real tree until we are sure it will last past Christmas day. 

This year it rained almost non-stop the weekend we wanted to get our real tree. But Sunday morning there was a break in the rain and we raced down to the local lot to pick one out. The lot was empty, so I let the boys run around like wild things and play hide-and-seek in the trees. They were in heaven, and would've stayed all day I'm sure.

We got a perfect little tree that only leans slightly to the right. The boys decorated it themselves, so its pretty heavy on the lower branch ornaments. But it smells like Christmas and reminds me of childhood, and of the history we make every year. Real trees rule!

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