the aftermath

I am going to go against the cardinal rule of blogging, and just go ahead and say it... I am glad that Christmas is over. Don't get me wrong. I love the holidays, but I have a lot to learn about getting through them with grace.

This year I felt like I was one step behind all month long. Because we live on a block that turns in to Christmas Tree Lane for the month of December we get our decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. And that sets the tone for the boys for the following four plus weeks. They are so hyped up for PRESENTS!!! for such an extended amount of time, that things get very trying behavior wise. I am now totally clued in as to why the Elf on the Shelf exists. To try to keep crazed children like mine in line.

Finn had a hard time all month long. And this culminated in a meltdown on Christmas day because he didn't get all of the presents on his wish list. He was also sure that his brother got way more presents than he did (not true by a long shot).

Needless to say, two days post Christmas and my boys seem to be back to normal. And I am making plans for next year. To make my life easier I've recorded the menu, preparations and supplies needed for our annual open house. I've updated and streamlined our Christmas card list. I'm culling our Christmas decorations and organizing them in bins before putting them away.

And then I am taking a step back to think about what traditions are truly important to our family, and what I want my boys to feel during the holiday season. I know the answer to that question will not be "frenzy". Ideas on how to inject more peace, gratitude, love, joy, and giving are floating around in my head. 

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