mothers little helper

I love the start of a new year. After the business of the holidays has settled down I tend to take a week or two to relax and regroup. I used to make resolutions, but found that I (like many others I imagine) am not so good at keeping them. Instead, this year, I took some time to figure out how I would like my 2013 to look and came up with a little slogan to steer me through the year.

Be more with less.

That's it. This year I am taking the time to declutter and pare down my belongings, my systems, and my responsibilities so that I can spend less time managing my life and more time enjoying it. 

So far Derick and I have tackled the kitchen and pantry. In a room that we thought was pretty organized, I am amazed at how much junk we found to get rid of. I am feeling lighter already.

I've also found a wonderful app to for Finn to use to manage his responsibilities and chores. Another load off of me. And fortunately my littlest helper is currently obsessed with washing dishes. All I have to do is switch entirely to non-breakable items and lower my standards for what a "clean" dish looks like, and I'll be all set.

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