on thin ice

High on our list of wintery things to do this season was to go ice skating. Neither of our boys had been before, and it had been about 12ish years since the last time Derick or I had set foot on the ice.
Last year Alameda got its own seasonal ice rink, complete with disco lights and pop music. The rink was back this year, and we were determined to go just as soon as the weather cooperated.

The greatest thing about our little ice rink is that they have these orange plastic seals that beginners can hold on to while they get their bearings, and the littlest ones can sit on when they are tired. Apparently seals are in high demand, so we were happy that I had gone down early to reserve a pair for the boys.

Even though the rink was super crowded, we managed to have a great time. Finn took to the ice fabulously, and I managed to remain on my feet the entire time. And now Finn asks for me to play music like they play at the ice skating rink. Which means Top 40 pop that I may or may not be able to sing every word of.

We'll be back next year for sure.

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