Allergy Season

It seems like everyone I meet has been complaining about allergies this past week. Here at the Daily house, we all suffer to different degrees. So far, Leo seems to be allergy free. But I have become more sensitive in the past few years, and Finn and Derick both suffer quite a bit.

My naturopath once told me that it takes between three and five years for allergies to kick in once you move to a new place. And based on our experience, I think its true. We've been here for almost six years now, and are definitely in need of relief come Spring. I've developed a handful of natural tricks to help lessen our allergies based on recommendations from my Naturopath and my mamma (so you know those are good).

1. Fresh lemon juice cuts down on the amount of mucous your body produces. Lucky for us we have a lemon tree in the back yard, so I squeeze a lot of lemons in my drinking water.

2. Wipe noses with baby wipes. After a while those poor noses are chapped, and the Aloe and Vitamin E in natural baby wipes is very soothing.

3. Using a Neti Pot before bed will clear out all the pollens and irritants from the day. Likewise, a good friend told me she likes to shower and wash her hair at night to give her a fresh start while she's sleeping.

4. During the day we use Xlear, a saline and Xylitol nasal spray to keep our sinuses rinsed.

5. We take Quercitin, capsules for the grown-ups and chewables for the kids. It is a new supplement in the allergy arena, but I find it works well for us.

So there you have it, our allergy arsenal. I hope you don't suffer from allergies, but if you do, I hope these ideas might help you get out there and enjoy Spring!

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