Leo always want to use my heavy camera to take photos. The only way I'll let him use it is to put it on the counter and shoot.

Thinking about -  This here blog. It is true I haven't been blogging as much recently. And that is because I haven't been taking as many photos recently. But thanks to an introduction to some really helpful iphone photo apps (Afterlight, Over, and PicStitch) I've realized that I even if I can't always have my DSLR with me I can still get some decent photos with my phone. After going through the archives here I found so many little memories and silly snippets from our lives that I had forgotten about already. So, with a little kick in the pants I hope to get back into more regular chronicling of our goings on. In addition to that I plan on sharing a little more about some of my current interests, mainly healthy living, art, and parenting.

Anticipating - The return of my parents. They have been out of town for three weeks, and will be gone for another two. I have no idea how families survive without grandparents around to help out. My mom usually watches Leo one day a week, and having gone without that break for weeks now, I am really appreciating how lucky I am. Hurry back Mom!

Wishing - I had a magic "get along" wand that I could wave whenever my boys are antagonizing each other. I would wave the wand and they would turn into sweet little cherubs, falling all over themselves to make their brother happy.

Making me happy - Those same crazy boys. Finn thinks I am seriously funny. He says things like "Good one, Mom!" when I tell a joke. And he is getting really good at "being sarcasm". Leo cracks me up every day. He has developed a routine where he gets a microphone, taps it and clears his throat, sings the ABC's, and then bows several times while saying "Thank you, thank you very much." I'm not sure where he picked that bit up.

Loving - Our new veggie garden/ backyard makeover. More on that soon.

Reading - I just finished The Invisible Bridge which I loved. A good historical fiction reminds me of all the history lessons I've forgotten since my school days, and makes it all so much more personal and relevant. But now I'm in the market for something new...

Watching - Honestly, right at this very moment I'm watching Crazy, Stupid Love for the third sixth time because I just can't get enough Ryan Gosling and Derick is out for the evening. But what I'm really excited about is this season of Game of Thrones. So good. 

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