Happy Easter

I love the colors of Easter. The tie-dyed eggs. The cheerfully bright clothes. The blossoms around our neighborhood. Even this year's drizzling weather couldn't stop us from donning out brights.

We celebrated at home this year, with family, good food, and our first block Easter Egg Hunt. Here is what Finn learned. 1) Get there early. 2) Do not waste time talking to your friends or your might miss the "Go!" signal. 3) Most of the eggs will be gone in the first 30 seconds. Poor guy only found 5 eggs when most kids had about 20.

Here is what Leo learned. 1) Don't worry. 2) Because you are little, adults will toss more eggs at your feet for you to "find". 3) Candy is my favorite.

Today had some definite sugar highs, and sugar lows. But all in all it was a beautiful day. Aunt Sheri was in high demand. Grandma made an amazing Bunny cake. We all are in agreement that ham is delicious. And Finn passed over a few eggs in our own morning hunt, just so Leo could find a few more. So how about that?

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