I Build This Garden for Us

I have a sofa that I lovingly refer to as "the sofa of shattered dreams". When I bought it I had a vision of my grown-up fancy sitting area, complete with a camel velvet covered sofa. Needless to say camel velvet covered sofas, dirty boys, and hairy dogs do not mix. On top of that, the proportions of the sofa do not work in the room, no matter how I arrange it. But for some reason I can't let go of that sofa, or the vision of it in my living room. So there it sits, the sofa of shattered dreams.

So what does that have to do with the garden, you ask? Well, the garden was another project that I had a vision for. It was a grassy vision, filled with croquet and picnics. And five years ago we tried that vision it and it did. not. work. The grass was always spotty with dirt patches, soggy areas and dog poop. It was too small for croquet, and it turns out we like our picnics in the front yard anyway. And since I didn't want to also have a "yard of shattered dreams" I turned it over to Derick.

I told him I didn't want to be involved, that this time around whatever he envisioned was fine by me but that it shouldn't involve any more grass, and should like like it came out of Sunset Magazine. And so he built us a beautiful vegetable garden with two raised beds and a lovely sitting area. It is his vision, and his dream. His velvet sofa.

 After feeling defeated by some of my past mistakes, it is so nice to enjoy a success. Both of our boys had such fun helping Daddy build, and they love tending to new plants every day. We are expecting a bounty of tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuces. We are also experimenting with kale, chard, peppers, and eggplants. There are a few more finishing touches to be added, but we have already enjoyed the new garden very much. It is giving me courage to tackle the living room situation again. Or maybe I'll just turn that space over to Derick too.

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Karen said...

Never feel defeated; without our mistakes and steps backward, we won't know success. Relish all that you are so good at. I love when you laugh at the thought of the sofa of shattered dreams. We have all owned such a sofa. Love you.