Is It Summer Yet?

We keep having heat waves around here that me me think its summer time. It hard to believe that other parts of the country are still experiencing winter like weather. Last week Leo discovered our bocce ball set and invited Finn and I to play. It was really too warm to be inside our house, so we made an afternoon of it. The nice thing about bocce ball is that the rules are simple enough for even a two year old to play. Ok, ok, we do modify them a tiny bit just to make it easy on Mommy.

Each player gets two balls. The rest we place in a line to stand behind when taking a turn. If you step over the line, or reposition the line, or throw the line, your toss doesn't count. When a child throws the essential pallino under the house, never to be seen again, a golf ball may be substituted. Winner gets to throw the pallino for the next round unless the winner is Mommy, (which it always is because I am that good) then whichever boy isn't whining asks nicely may have her turn. Gameplay is over when someone throws a hissy fit.

This last photo was taken by Finn. It was a bear to get, as every time he would step back and frame up the shot he would have to come and adjust the bocce balls to get them arranged just right. I may have yelled "just press the button!!!" a few times.

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