Thinking About - Being a Mom, and how looooong some days are. And how the highlight of my day today was going to the grocery store all by myself. So that's what you get a picture of. Not my cranky boy, who threw a fit at the park because another two-year-old wanted to use his shovel. Not my big guy, who asked so many questions about space that my brain started to seize up. But some pretty bottles of water.

Summer is almost upon us, and as I looked through the calendar I realized that Finn will be off having adventures with various grandparents for a large portion of it. But those days and weeks that I have with both boys, I better have a plan for or I'll be drowning in boy energy.

Anticipating - A grown-up weekend with my main squeeze. It couldn't be coming at a better time, and I am so thankful for my husband who not only planned the trip, but all the logistics of childcare that go along with it. Amazing.

Wishing - Our backyard were bigger and contained a giant trampoline, an inflatable water slide, and a heated pool. Oh fine, a heated swim-up-bar pool on the beach. With snacks.

Making Me Happy - I've started painting again, and it is making me equal parts happy and frustrated. I've always been drawn to realism, but I thought I'd try some abstract expressionism. I am learning a lot about technique from various youtube videos, but lets just say my early works are nothing to write home about. I may have to paint a few portraits or something just to make myself feel competent again.

Loving - The new Vampire Weekend Album. I thought they were goners after their last album, but I was very wrong. They even give a shout out to Alameda in one of the songs.

Reading - I'm in between books. But last weekend I read about three People Magazines. Does that count for anything? What I learned is that I really don't pay much attention to the news. And by "news" I mean the fact that Angelina Jolie elected to have a double mastectomy to prevent the chance of breast cancer. I am now informed and ready to discuss.

Watching - The new season of Arrested Development on Netflix. I heard a lot of trash talk about the new format (focusing on one character per episode because they couldn't get all the actors together at once) but I am enjoying it. I am especially enjoying all the cameos. Plus Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, and Scott Baio all in one episode? Come on.

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