King of the Internet?

This picture has been sitting in my iphone for a while, waiting for me to come up with the right words to go with it. Since most of my readers are family (Hi Dad!), and thus not part of the blogging community, most of you won't get the reference to which the photo refers.

So let me start with a very abridged story...

There is a famous (in the blogging community) photo of a little boy laying under a chalk-drawn crown, much like the one of the little guy up there. The photo is so stinkin' cute that it went viral. Moms everywhere tried in vain to replicate it. (This was probably my sixth try. Ha!) Without the permission of the photographer, her child's photo started showing up in all sorts of strange places including t-shirts and foreign ad campaigns.

Every once in a while a wave of concern seems to wash over the land of lifestyle bloggers where everyone addresses the concerns of releasing information about their children into the blogoshpere. This photo serves as a reminder of those concerns. I have had many conversations with myself about how I feel creating a trail of images that will likely be linked to my boys forever. And many conversations on what measures I should take to protect their images and my property. Sometimes those conversations end with me saying "Meh, its just not a big deal to me." And others go more like "Oh crap, I should really take this blog down." So far, the things I've decided to do are watermark my images and make smaller image sizes. Oh, and no naked kid photos. Because really, I don't know who is out there reading.

So I guess today is a bit of a public service announcement. And an explanation to my Mom as to why all the photos have my web address stamped over the faces. Sorry Mom.


Kate @ Daffodils said...

I got worried about that sometimes too. No naked pictures on my blog either and I watermark in the corner, but sometimes I think I need to move it up to the middle like yours!

Jen Daily said...

Hi Kate. Thanks for stopping by. It is hard to know where to draw the line, isn't it? I don't think the watermark is going to stop anyone who really wants the photo, but maybe it will encourage them to move on to a photo that isn't watermarked.