Seeds of Kindness

One of the reasons we love our neighborhood so much is the people. When we left San Francisco we were looking for a greater sense of community, and a place where we would know our neighbors. Imagine how happy we were on the day we moved in when several people came over to welcome us. Someone even baked us banana bread.

We are lucky to have wonderful neighbors to both sides of us. A couple of weeks ago, we had to have our fence repaired. While the fence was down our neighbor noticed that we were putting in a garden. Imagine my boys' delight when they found a package containing a dozen packets of seeds left sweetly by our front door.

They were so happy. Leo spent the rest of the day lining up the packets, planning what he would plant and where. Finn opened the packets and examined their contents. Marveling at how different each variety of seed was.

These are truly seeds of kindness. The boys were impressed that someone would leave us a gift for no reason. This summer I hope that we will be able to pass on the love. To leave some tomatoes or eggplants on a doorstep and brighten someone's day. To teach the boys that even a small kindness can make a difference.

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