Such sweetness in this boy. We can't pass a dandelion or daisy without him stopping to pick it for his mama. I find collections of them in my pockets, dried to nothing.

Leo and I have been spending a lot of time by ourselves at the park. Finn has become such a social butterfly that he can always find a friend to play with. And so I follow Leo around to do whatever interests him. Lately, that means we play a lot of tetherball.

Friends, let me tell you. I think tetherball is where its at. I never played much as a kid; the tetherball courts were always dominated by boys who could win the game without letting you touch the ball even once. But if I had, perhaps I'd have better hand eye coordination and less fear of the ball. Leo and I practice "pushing" the ball and waiting for it to come back around. He's already developing a sense of timing. And when the ball does smack him in the face it is going so slow it doesn't faze him one bit.

He just might be a tetherball champ, but I'm going to make sure he gives flowers to all the girls he beats on the court.

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