Thinking of Oklahoma

This guy. He is so complex and emotional. I wish we had more time together, just the two of us to talk about space and Boba Fett and real estate. Tuesday nights is our date night. I let him choose what we do, but chances are he picks an ice cream outing or a Star Wars and popcorn night. Which are both fine by me.

This Tuesday night I took a moment to snuggle him up and breathe in his hair. We talked a little about natural disasters. About how we don't have tornados here, but we do have earthquakes. About how no place is 100% free of natural disasters, but that we are safe here. He seemed to accept my words of assurance, but I know there will be questions popping up at the oddest times over the next few weeks. It is a fine line, I think, about sharing world news with children. In the past year there have been several events that we simply chose not to discuss when the boys were around. Six is a funny age. At times seeming so grown up, but of course, still so young.

The other day Finn realized that we have a lot more photos of Leo than of him. I told him it was because Leo likes to have his photo taken, and doesn't make crazy faces and hide under his shirt when I get out the camera. So he immediately asked if I would take a few nice photos of just him. I jumped at the chance!


Heather from Poppy Haus said...

Love those little teeth (we have some here). I know exactly what you are talking about with that age, I have the same struggle. I did choose to talk about the other really bad thing that happened around Christmas time, because of all the shooting horseplay that happens with little guys, wanting him to be sensitive to that and refrain for a while (mostly for me). It's a fine line between being honest and protecting them.

I'm also glad that you guys have a date night. I think that's the best thing you can do for the oldest kid. They need special time.

Stacey said...

I really loved this post, Jen. And are with you 100%. With the chaos of having two so young and close in age, we try to make it a priority to spend more one on one time with our oldest guy. Yesterday, him and I got the car washed and then went out for ice cream. He snuggled up to me while we were waiting for the car and called me his "special lady." I swooned.

Loved Heather's comment about how it's a "fine line between being honest and protecting them." We struggle with that daily. Hushing conversations we shouldn't have when they're around and noticing the ones that are important to discuss. Thanks for this!

Jen Daily said...

Stacey, I think I would swoon too if one of my boys used the term "special lady".

Heather, I had to have a talk with Finn about bombs a few weeks ago. His only context for explosives is Angry Birds, so he had no idea that in real life bombs hurt people. And not just the bad guys. I chose not to discuss the Boston Marathon with him, so my sensitivity probably seemed to come from nowhere.

Karen said...

Lovely ladies you are all so right on! They will learn soon enough and you are right to let them be children and feel safe. My best memories are of my childhood and feeling protected and safe and happy.