Thinking about - The Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage. Being a California girl and a bay area resident for the last 15 years, same sex partnerships are an everyday part of life. Finn doesn't blink an eye at his friends who have two moms, or two dads. And so it blows my mind that we even had to have this ruling in order to afford certain rights to a sizable chunk of our population. I feel fortunate to live in a community that is more accepting and open minded than the majority of our nation, and hope that our boys appreciate that as they get older.

Anticipating - Sandpoint Idaho (pictured above). I'm going to guess that this is our 9th summer visiting Derick's Dad and Stepmom in lakeside paradise. Finn is already there, getting in an extra week of adventures. I love it there. The long slow days outside, the extended hours of twilight, and the good company. I will be taking a break from the computer, so if I don't post here for a while you'll know where I am.

Wishing - That packing for vacation wasn't so difficult. I packed Finn's suitcase in less than five minutes. But somehow packing my suitcase and tying up loose ends is a two day endeavor. What gives?

Making Me Happy - A little conversation I had with Leo about Fairies and Ferries. I still don't think he's clear on whether boats have wings or not.

Loving - Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I'm not sure I've ever had one before in my life, but I made one (gluten free) for Leo's birthday dinner party and I think it is my new favorite cake. Never mind that I've eaten half of it by myself in the past four days.

Reading - The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. I've always known Ms. Tharp as an amazing dancer and choreographer, but now I know her mind is brilliant in many ways. I am inspired...

Watching - Lilyhammer. Its another Netflix original series about an American gangster starting life anew in Norway. It stars Steven Van Zandt (Sopranos) and is pretty quirky. Think Sopranos meets Fargo in Norway. We're two episodes in but so far, so good.

Have a great holiday!

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Mom-in-law said...

Love this post Jen and glad you are anticipating some wonderful days in Idaho. Your words on the Scotus' decision gladden my heart that we as family agree on these things. You're a good woman Jen Daily. I love you! xxoo