Well Read

Its been one week since school got out, and we have already been to the library three times. Specifically, the Little Library. Because, you see, the Little Library has a much bigger selection of Magic Treehouse books, and always a few Judy Blumes to choose from. Its kind of our secret.

Our library has a summer reading program which rewards reading time with stickers, buttons, and ice cream coupons. Finn was so motivated he averaged 2.5 hours of reading time for the two days after he started the program.

We go through a lot of books.

Our trips to the library are frantic. Each boy gets to put his own books in the drop box. One boy gets to open the door on the way in, the other on the way out. Finn heads straight to the early reader section while I try to convince Leo to choose picture books that we don't already have at home. We struggle at the check-out kiosk about who gets to swipe the card. There is no whispering for us at the library. And so I try to keep it quick.

But I have seen the future. On a slow trip without Leo, Finn and I spend an hour perusing the shelves. Cracking the books in comfy chairs. Happy with our choices, we take them home and spend the afternoon reading. It is a wonderful thing.

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