Epic Adventures

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of the summer adventures Finn has been having. He is lucky enough to have three sets of amazing grandparents who each want to spend time with him. After a week of Camp Invention in Idaho, Finn visited my brother and his family in Alaska.

He had a must see and do list with just a few items on it, and was fortunate enough to complete them all.

1. See a glacier.
2. Catch a fish.
3. See a bear.
4. See a moose.

This Alaska trip is a repeat of the one my parents took me on when I was Finn's age. I still remember catching my first salmon, and am so happy that he will have that same memory too. He says it was the best part of his whole trip. My little guy is becoming such a great travel companion. He is already off on his next adventure, a week in Santa Rosa for grandparents camp with Cousin Drew.

Photo credits: Kenai River/Bear/Moose/Cottonwood Lake

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