Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my birthday. And it was a good one. But not because I was showered with gifts or lavish parties in my honor. In fact, this birthday passed very quietly. Without fanfare.

If my life were a movie, the lead up to this birthday would've resulted in a fabulous surprise party. The husband has a mandatory meeting. The relatives have other plans. The kid gets sick. The birthday girl is understanding, but humbly elated when it all turns out to be a ruse. Surprise!

The reality is those first three things did happen. But since everyone who loves me knows that I hate surprises, thankfully, there was no surprise party. And since I knew in advance that it would be up to me to celebrate on my own, I took some time to figure out what would really make me happy. And so I got a massage. I painted. I read. I smiled at all the happy wishes on Facebook. And I spent time with my boys. A pretty perfect day all around.

And thanks to the people who love me most, I'm about to eat some delicious Thai food with my main man and as many gluten-free cupcakes as I like. Because its my birthday.


Karen said...

Fabulous, like you! And can I have that painting! Among your many talents, you create beautiful art!

sharinah jany said...

Some times its happen that we aspect a day should be a good day for us but that is really bad day for us. Have a fun and try to make fun of you next birthday party and next time make some good surprise birthday party ideas for you friend and Family.