question everything

question everything

I'm pretty sure my boys have these words tattooed on their brains. When they are asleep at night I can see the beauty and brilliance in their questions. But when I am in the middle of an interrogation sometimes my brain shuts down from the overload.

Yesterday, just for fun, I kept a list of the questions Finn asked over about a three hour time period. He thought it was awesome good fun:

Can we go to the play equipment?
Can I play outside of the play equipment?
When can I play on the iPad?
Can you leave the bread out so it's not so cold?
How do you know that Leo is sick?
Where is daddy?
Can I talk?
Do ypu know antyhing about The Mars rover?
Why do I have to get up so early?
What is for breakfast?
Could you pour me some lemonade?
Where should I put the space things?
Do you think we should record your questions?
What time did you start recording all these questions?
When did you get the idea of recording all my questions?
When did you get a massage?
Tomorrow can we record all of Leo's questions?
What is this building when it's not used for  flight Camp?
Will you do that again?
Will you play cell phone with me?
Is this what you mean by "when plans change"?
Did you know that all gaseous planets have visible or invisible rings?
How many questions have I asked so far?
What's Siri's most popular answer?
How do you delete these?
How many times you have to push it to get rid of the whole page?
How do you start a new page?
Why can't I record peoples questions?
Isn't that funny?
Will you tell me when I'm done?
Later can we watch space adventure?
Can I be done now?
Where is the iPad?
Can I have something to drink?
What time is it?
Wouldn't it be funny if I could lift myself?
How come I can't?
Do you know what happens in Hay Day?
Is Alana home?
Why does it not work in the car?
Will it work at swim lesson?
Is that a bank?
What is it?
Can we drive slow past the Sunburned Mickey?
Do you think Leo saw the Sunburned Mickey today? 
Do you think he will see it later?
Is this where you go to find apartments?
Is this an rv park?
Can I have my goggles?
When will it be time to swim?
What do we do at fun day?
Do I have to take a shower?
Do I have to change my clothes?
What should I write down?
Is Leo going to miss his class?
What should I ask?
Who's car is that?
Who lives there?
Why isn't that fountain working?
Where is daddy going?
Can I see the cupcakes?
Can we watch a show now?
Can I just put shorts on?
Should I change the settings?
Does Max go to summer school?
When is your birthday?
Where is grandma?
What Book is that?
Can we play a game?

Which if these strawberries has been eaten more?
How did Leo get sick?
Why are you recording all my questions?
How do you keep remembering all these questions?


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Derek said...

My favorite is "Wouldn't it be funny if I could lift myself?" followed by "How come I can't?"