what to do?

Little Leo started preschool yesterday. He told me before we left the house that he was nervous about not knowing anyone's name. And he wanted to know if there would be legos. I told him that the first day of school was the time for all the teachers and children to learn each others names, and that I didn't know if there would be Legos. He seemed satisfied, and happily got ready.

When we walked in the door to his school there were name tags and three huge piles of Legos to play with. It was like he manifested the perfect morning for himself. Or more likely, these teachers have been doing this for 30 years and know just what a three year old needs to have a great first day.

This left me with a whole three hours to do as I pleased. So I headed out to the art studio and went to work on some slighter larger canvases. I've been working on tiny hardboard panels to experiment with technique. And boy howdy, the switch to canvas was a shock. But I think I'm on to something, and only had to paint over one so far. These three are just getting started...

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