Day 18: Sometimes Fade

This weekend was such a treat. I got a preview of the boys in their Halloween costumes, and can't wait to post some photos of the cutest little Jedi ever seen. Derick and I had some of the best sushi I have had since leaving San Francisco, and we got to sleep in on Sunday in a quiet house. Thank goodness for grandparents.

Saturday night I also had the pleasure of meeting Zana Briski at a friend's birthday party. Zana is a photographer, and after a lot of questions on my part she told me all about her current project (while dressed in a full bear suit). Because of a very powerful dream she had nearly a decade ago, Zana has travelled to over 30 countries in the past nine years taking portraits of Praying Mantis.

I was so taken with her passion for her project that I couldn't help but look her up when I got back home. It turns out that Zana was also the director of the documentary "Born Into Brothels", one of the most beautifully sad documentaries I have ever seen.

And I thought about how she didn't mention the movie to me, or that she had won numerous awards including an Academy Award. About how she said she doesn't like to talk much about her work. About how we all have a story to tell, but so often stick to comfortable or unassuming topics. Small talk.

I'm not sure what my point is here. Maybe it is to ask more questions. To find out more about people I think I know. About people I've just met. And to not be shy to talk about myself if people really want to know.

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