Birthday Wars

 We celebrated Finn's birthday this weekend with an all out Star Wars party. While planning it, I was blown away by how many amazing party ideas I found online. There are some truly creative parents out there.

One thing I wanted to do was introduce the boys to the kind of birthday party I remember going to as a kid. So I slapped a Star Wars spin on Bingo, Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail (lightsaber) on the Donkey (Yoda), and Pass the Present. We also had a Death Star pinata and a Darth Vader duel.

Some of the kids were a little shy when they arrived, but by the end of the party they were all having a blast. Even little Leo had a great time. That kid was born to play musical chairs, though he did hold up the line with his dance moves.

All in all, a smashing success. I think this might be a birthday Finn remembers for a very long time.

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