Maui No Ka Oi

 Time flies when you are on vacation. Or maybe not so much flies, as moves in fits and spurts. The first days stretch out endlessly in front of you, and the last ones smack you in the back of the head. Somewhere in the middle, you lose track of what day it is.

We went to Maui this year with my parents, and in celebration of my dad's 70th birthday my sister and her crew came too. The last time I was in Hawaii with her, I was her kids' age and her kids were my kids' ages. Time flies. There I've gone and said it again.

The weather was rather gray and stormy while we were there, so we spent a lot of time driving south to sunnier and calmer shores. The boys didn't seem to mind. The water was warm and there were endless sandcastles to build.

Both Leo and Finn were very interested in the native plants, so we took them on a plantation tour. Finn learned what may be his favorite fact ever: Maui was experiencing more deaths by falling coconuts than by shark bite. Hence a law requiring the coconuts to be removed from trees in public spaces. Which doesn't explain why the only coconuts I saw on a tree were at the children's playground in a city park. Anyway...

We had a beautiful time. I took my paints with me and did some experimenting with watercolor. I hope to get back into the art studio as soon as I get us unpacked and settled.

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